A Pack A Day: Feb 2, 2011

No I don’t buy NBA cards everyday but my wallet feels that way a little bit. I had gone on a month-long binge and bought a number of 03-04 products hoping to get lucky with a nice RC of any of the top 4 rookies from that draft year; Lebron, Carmelo, Wade, or Bosh even. The odds of getting an RC from that year were quite phenomenal with most averaging at 1 per 20 packs with the cheapest pack at P280 (Triple Dimensions from which I actually got this nice card that I sold on eBay for $27.oo). So far I’ve gotten 3 RCs, Zoran Planinic, Travis Hansen, and Amir Johnson. Yep.

So now I’m partial to the new 10-11 donruss basketball product. It’s cheap at P200 (relatively, since that’s a good $4-$5 converted), has a nice vintage design complete with a logo in foil stamp (Foil? On a Panini card?! Hallelujah!), has 10 cards, 1 RC and 1 insert per pack. So far it’s the only Panini product that hasn’t left a sour taste in my mouth. Since release I’ve bought around 12 packs and hadn’t gotten a significant hit until yesterday on my visit to the Hobbes & Landes shop in Greenbelt 5. Like most hobbyists, I fall into that “Just one more pack…” mantra whenever I buy cards so I consciously decided to buy only 2 packs and leave the store without opening them.

Here’s what I got from those two packs:


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