Shawn Kemp Calls Blake Griffin’s Car Dunk ‘Weak’

original article: Shawn Kemp Calls Blake Griffin’s Car Dunk ‘Weak’.

Throughout the season and all the dunks I’ve seen from Los Angeles Clippers rookie Blake Griffin the more has reminded me of an early Shawn Kemp. Back in his days with the Seattle Supersonics the “Reign Man” showed off tremendous power and pure athletic ability to do all kinds of twisting and turning to be one of the leagues elite dunkers.

So what did the former Slam Dunk participant think of Griffin’s dunk over the 2011 Kia Optima to win the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest over the weekend? The 41-year-old Kemp joined KJR in Seattle with Dave Mahler and Ian Furness and called Griffin’s final dunk “weak.”

“I’m a big Blake Griffin fan, but that dunk at the contest might’ve been the weakest dunk in the dunk contest that I’ve seen in a long time,” Kemp said. “I love the choir and all that stuff was great, but you at least gotta jump over the car though right.”

Kemp also said that he could jump over a car.

“I’m 41 years old and right now I could do it. Two Smart Cars,” he said.


One thought on “Shawn Kemp Calls Blake Griffin’s Car Dunk ‘Weak’”

  1. that dunk is not weak bro…..VERY WEAK. HEHEHEHE.that is nothing compare to shawn kemp’s dunks during his playing years.

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