Filipino eBay Aargh!

Filipino eBayers hav e a bad reputation amongst the international community. There are a number of sellers worldwide who explicitly state they do not sell or ship to the Philippines. On some internet forums, people are warned to stay away from Filipino eBay members. Racism? I’m afraid not. We are MARGINALIZED due to a small number of scamming idiots from our very own country. Since this is a blog about sports cards, I will concentrate on the swindlers in this hobby.

For starters, there is an infamous Filipino seller who lists autographed cards of marquee players like Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant for very cheap. He has long been proven a forger but every once in a while he creeps back onto eBay with a new ID and more fraudulent cards to pawn off.

There have also been reports of Filipino sellers who shill bid. For those not in the know, this is when you get mates to bid for you on the item you are selling to continually raise the going price which in turn makes the legit bidders bid even higher. This is a total no-no in the world of auctions, online or off.

My biggest peeve though is when Filipino sellers “cheat” fellow Filipino eBayers. The word cheat is in quotation marks because it has nothing to do with fake items or shill bidding. I have come across many items that I am interested in buying only to be dissuaded by the seller’s terms of payment and shipping. These listings are on eBay U.S. so they indicate their international shipping rates in U.S. dollars. Some of these bastards though, insist that even as a local buyer, you pay the dollar amount for shipping. Why in the heck should I pay international shipping rates for a local delivery?! Some sellers do specify local shipping rates but at Php200 for Metro Manila. Now I have sold and shipped many items locally and trust me, it costs way less than that for local shipping (it is more like Php60 to Php85, Php100 at the most including materials).

It doesn’t stop there. Some sellers offer Cash-On-Delivery or meet-up yet these pricks have the audacity to charge INTERNATIONAL shipping rates for this option.

There is also the matter of the dollar-to peso exchange rate which usually hovers around the $1.00 is to Php43.00 range. Yet again, there are wankers who seem to think they can dictate the exchange rate as they see fit and ask for a 1:50 ratio.

Now I understand the rights of a seller and their prerogative to set their own terms and conditions, but this is just taking the piss. No bloody wonder we have a bad name when we don’t just take advantage of other people, we cheat each other too.


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