monkeybonercards custom cards

As a teenager, I used to create my own NBA card designs using paper and pens. Now thanks to Photoshop and inspiration from huperoyalty, here are some new designs I’ve come up with recently. I really suck at typography (amongst other disciplines) so disregard that area all together hehe. Click on the thumbnails to be taken to each set’s respective page.

2013-14 MBC Prime

2012-14 MBC Prime base set

2013-14 MBC Prime Flight Commanders

2013-14 MBC Prime Primed For The Big Time

2012-13 MBC

2012-13 MBC Base Set

2012-13 MBC Brand New Heavies

2012-13 MBC ReBoot

2012-13 MBC Sweet Strokes

2012-13 MBC Old Skool

2010-11 MBC

2010-11 MBC base card design

An insert set featuring players who can run the floor and finish with authority
2010-11 MBC Flashbang

2010-11 MBC Championkicks

2010-11 MBC Championkicks Classic Kicks

An insert set featuring marquee players who have yet to win an NBA Championship ring
2010-11 MBC Eyes On The Prize

An insert set featuring players with notable nicknames
2010-11 MBC Call Signs

2010-11 MBC The Second Coming

2010-11 MBC Majestic

2010-11 MBC Majestic base card
insert sets coming soon

2010-11 MBC Roots

2010-11 MBC Roots base card

2010-11 MBC Roots First Line/Last Line

2010-11 MBC Roots Stellar

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